OXBALLS Sack Sling Clear


Based on the classic Oxballs Cocksling, the gorgeous SACKSLING encases you balls in Ox's awesome Flexi-Skin (a clever silicone and TPR hybrid). The Sacksling looks incredibly masculine - two big, beautiful, heavy, bull balls; twinned with the worlds greatest cock ring to make your stiff shaft bulge. This product is an absolute winner.

The super stretchy Flexi-Skin material easily stretches to fit any size man. To don the SACKSLING firstly stretch the cock ring over your penis then stretch the ball sack open to place your balls inside the black sack.

SACKSLING also great for CBT play. Wht not rub a generous portion of warming lube, Tiger Balm or Bengay onto your partners nuts before he gets into the SACKSLING. Then tie him down with our bondage rope and stroke him until those hot balls explode!

Cock and ball hole diameter: 1.3/4”
Cock hole diameter: 1”
Ball hole diameter: ¾”
Total length: 5”
Weight: 125 grams / 4.4oz.

Wash in warm water with a little washing-up liquid and air dry.

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